land next to cubs park-wrigley field adjacent area - Chicago - west addison me photos

land next to cubs park-wrigley field adjacent area — Chicago

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we have had this property in our family since 1966 in 1999 jan 20th a law was passed to give us life as a rooftop clubhouse -to effecuate the law of 4-388 and located in 4-388-010 we can build a building in excess of 1600 sq. ft. for 200 people and we have ad rigts too as the 1st ot 5 boundary line buildings in the annextion of wrigley field-to make a circle around it before they put a hotel and mall around it we seek a equity partnership to build it and to run it on a daily basic we are a RM-5 next to Ab-3 which is now A Rt-4 we have viewings purposes as law states in that baseball is a live act -not reshersed as stated in Northwestern school state in there paper states "who owns the view" call me 773-908-5010 or e-mail me we set legal presidence for all who benifit today by our defination and we were give added language wtih the other boundary line buildings to annex wrigley field the three propertys that share space with waveland are us -"the alley Next North to west waveland-3710 n.kenmore the 2nd is" a line of 29;15 north of waveland"-3701 n.kenmore the third is a line of 79;4 feet north of waveland -3700 n.sheffield then you have the other 2 or 3 at "the westly right of way of the elevated struture of the chicago transit authorty on addison. we also have the agreement by the rooftop owners who musled there way into the law of 1998 to be legal. we were ther in 1914 and 1988 and given life in 1999 and 2005 and 2006 we have under line language and our neighbors at 1032 and 1038 have there bracketted language to . to show harmony the law is called a substute ordinance -a planned development of 1914 when wrigley field was established  see our sight line photos at 55 and 61 and 69 feet call me danny thomas 773-908-5010 or e-mail me